Making a microscope webcam

webcam with extra lens, ruler, LED torchlight and lightbox

This post is not a HOW-TO. There are many sites online that will tell you how to make your own iPhone microscope.

In this post, I want to suggest and explore possibilities for trying out different methods, finding out what the difficulties/limitations are and allowing the tinkerers to try for themselvs.

I want a microscope I can take out to the fields to take enlarged pictures of extraordinary (and ordinary) things that we view outside. This so that I can take the picture back inside, and study it more in the laboratory. I also want to be able to share what I see under the microscope by projecting it. There are great tools called “Document cameras” that schools use nowadays, but those are large and expensive, single-use machines. I want something simple, and that I have built myself , so that I can take it apart and make it do something else if I need.

Some of the materials used so far: door-viewer, taken apart, $20 webcam connected to my Mac, high-intensity LED torchlight, lightbox. I want to explore cheaply-available loupes, and home-made glass-beads next.

The team: Marlou Jasmin Madriou, Leonardus Adi Prasetya Suherlan and Isabelle Desjeux.

If you are interested, and also want to try out, there is a chance that we will be manning a booth at this year’s First-ever Singapore Mini Maker Fair. I invite you to join us!