Rubin held an Open Studio on the 2nd and 3rd of March. The Blue House community was invited, as well as the general public. Friday saw hordes of small people come in and look alternatively at the finished painting and the time-lapse video of the month-long process.  The evening had mostly teachers come and discuss the artwork, process, compare with children’s thought processes. On Saturday, a very relaxed crowd came in and out, taking the time to discuss all, from painting to process, music, jazz and improvisation,  to letting children participate, and the artist’s position there.

The video has now been edited, check it out below. Make sure to turn the sound out loud, as it features Rubin’s beats too, highlighting the musical quality of the process.

Earlier this year, I proposed a residency project to @idesjeux over at @observartoire to run a month-long time-lapse documentation of a painting featuring constant changes to its composition. The first time-lapse video premiered at the open studio event and was 10 minutes long. Now I've finally rendered a version for Instagram, a month-long process compressed into 1 power-packed minute! I hope you enjoy this upload featuring original beats by yours truly! ♥💯🔥💯♥ . . . . . #art #artist #painting #timelapse #mixedmedia #gopro #singapore #igers #sgig #love #practice #instaart #instadaily #hiphop #beats

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Little people doing the jig – we show art but we’re not a gallery.

After a while, small visitors took to the painting and the video – they enjoyed looking for the details in both, comparing and deconstructing the process.


And big people had their big discussions.