This May, we are welcoming artist Nel Lim in the studio!


Nel trained as a photographer and graduated (Diploma) from Lasalle in 2010. Since then, Nel has been exploring many other avenues, from food photography to plant rearing. In fact, Nel was one of the pioneer artists-in-residence at Blue House in 2012.

But Nel also loves teaching art and crafts to children. From air-clay to recycled art and watercolour, Nel tries many project with his young students.

Within the course of the last 4 years, Nel has collected a large number of children’s drawings, or as he likes to call them, “Doodle”. He does not teach drawing, but encourages children to draw out their ideas before getting started on their large-scale or   3-D project. Once the project is done, the sketches, or preliminary ideas on paper, often get discarded. And Nel picks them up. He is even known to have picked up drawings from the bin!

Now, for the first time, Nel will take out his carefully organised collection and will display it on the walls, the windows and the ceiling of the Observatoire, for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Nel is the co-founder and main facilitator of ArtzGem, a studio that offers a variety of art classes.

You are invited to look, imagine, question – and do!