This June we will be welcoming artists Michelle Lim (known as “Mish”) and Tamaryn  in the studio.

These 2 artists are travelling to Jogjakarta and will be using the studio for their experiments:

We are two artists who are going on a trip to Jogjakarta, Indonesia in June. On the trip, we will be collecting found objects, images and texts, and creating poems and drawings. We will do so with the intention of translating our travel experience into some form of work that can be in turn experienced by others – in a given space (as an installation, exhibition, and/or participatory work), as well as on paper (as a zine).

We hope to use the Blue House residency as a means to thresh out our ideas for the final work, as well as the space in which to enact it. Having a residency space would enable possibilities such as assemblage, performance, and participatory work.

Our project is open-ended and depends heavily upon what we encounter in Jogjakarta. Its parameters are thus uncertain and malleable, but such are our intentions as things stand.


The artists:

 Tamaryn is a queer Singaporean artist. Her work explores the grotesque absurdity of the everyday, and is imbued with a sense of irony and irreverence. Tamaryn tends towards experimental and ‘outsider’ modes of production. Objects from the everyday are layered into her work, alongside elements of automation and chance. She enjoys the works of Frank O’Hara, Duchamp, Dada, Fluxus, and #ignorantstyle on Instagram.

Lim Jia Ning Michelle is a Singaporean artist who is interested in the impermanent nature of emotions, relationships, and identity. Her work touches on the beauty of the everyday, and often involves an element of change with the passage of time. She works in formats accessible to the public such as text, printed multiples, and participatory interventions. She counts amongst her influences Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Yoko Ono, Robert Montgomery and Philippe Parreno.

Do come and visit! Although the artists might not be present during the week daytime, due to other work constraints, the result of their experiments will be displayed and visible through the studio window at all times.