We are happy to welcome Agy for the month of October!

Agatha “Agy” is a textile artist who is passionate about building environmentally aware communities.  Her goal is to get people to reconnect with their clothes through techniques such as repair and transforming them into creative wearables (aka upcycling).  Currently she is exploring embroidery and natural dyeing techniques as a way of reconnecting with not only our clothes but with nature too.  She holds regular talks and Restyle Your Wardrobe is one of her signature workshops where she shares her knowledge of rethinking the way we view our garments.    Agatha can be found at Agy Textile Artist, and is a founding member of Connected Threads Asia and Fashion Revolution Singapore.

Agy is planning an experimentation of colours from nature (including our foodwaste!). The outcome might be something stitched up with all the samples of the experiments. And possibly even  a garment or upcycled garment from the experiments. If you want to learn from her, do sign up for her Dying workshop at the Artground on the 28th of October!

If you want to help her experiment, drop by the studio and bring her some material. Here is her wish list :

  • Yellow onion skins
  • Red onion skins
  • Avocado seeds and skins (clean of avocado flesh)
  • Red cabbage
  • Pomegranate rind
  • Coffee grounds
  • Pandan leaves

We will update you on her experiments soon!