Re-Opened since January 2017, we are now “l’Observatoire at Blue House”, as the space is contributed by Blue House International School.

Artist  Isabelle Desjeux runs the space as a residency for artists who want to experiment on specific projects, ideas, methods, processes… and a source of inspiration for the school community.

During the month-long residency, artists will run their experiments alone, in collaboration with Isabelle or with the children from the school, or with the teachers. The door is open for children to take a peak, and at the end of the month-long investigation, an Open Studio is organised for the school community and the public at large. We encourage discussions, participation, and an open mind.

Check out our current events on our BLOG page.

The name “Observatoire” relates to a skill important for both art and science: observation. Whether it relates to curiosity or attention to detail, observation can lead to new discoveries, both inside and outside ourselves.

Do come and visit! 

If you are a creative with a project, and are interested to know how to apply, fill in the form below and I will get back to you!