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If you spend any time at all on “make your own” sites on the internet and/or have school-age children around you, you’ve heard about slime. This gooey paste-like blobby material that you can apparently make yourself – and has absolutely no purpose other than keep your hands busy while making your mind go “ewwww!”, “ooooh!”, “aaaah!” as you manipulate it, and then “yikes!” when it unexpectedly lands on your clothes or in your friends’ hair.

This is the material Tam had decided to explore during her residency – joined happily by Mish, who also spent time doodling, letter printing, recreating images, sounds and texts seen during their recent trip to Bali.

This slime exploration soon became the main focus of the time spent by the 2 artists in the space. The exploration took many forms – from experimenting with various recipes, to exploring new artistic uses for the medium. Much time was spent on the process, understanding the physics of the medium, rather than aiming for a specific aesthetic outcome.

One of the early, and exciting outcomes resulting from discovering the slime’s properties was a kind of “forest” created by letting slime drip on a prepared landscape.

One of the early examples, recorded by Tam:


The teachers were invited early on to observe the material, the process and get an understanding of the potential of the material, as well as understand how the children could be interacting in their environment.

Teachers gonna touch #slime #colour #teachers #experiment

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Eventually, throughout the month of July, the experiments became focused, as the artists tried different glues, different additions, and tried making art pieces from the resulting material. What Tam says: “When it dries, it becomes hard. The pattern is set. But we might still cut up the design to make something new from it”.

It seems that the potential of slime is unlimited.

Charcoal drawing (7-9 year olds)

Charcoal drawing (7-9 year olds)

Observational Drawing classes ; Art and Science ; Art and Craft ; Open Studio – Take your pick! Classes are starting again from Monday 15th of September with a new team of facilitators, mostly artists but all with an experimental edge, ready for exploration of the world around us. So go look at the schedule and sign up now. Or call 9273 4991 to arrange a trail class.

L’Observatoire is seeking collaborators! Do you enjoy drawing and teaching the basics of drawing? Do you enjoy experimenting? Are you a scientist? An artist? a bit of both? Are you looking for a place to experiment, a platform to test your ideas, and a studio with like-minded people?

Located in lush Turf Club Road, collaborating with pre-schools, schools, museums, l’Observatoire is a community space where art&science gets made every day.

We are now looking for:
Partners. Those will have full use of the studio, equipment and support, and can teach either drawing, art and science, or art and craft for a few hours a week, to children mainly (Limited to 2)
 Interns. You will be witnessing new ways of teaching in art and science. You’ll be tasked with helping document the process, interact with the kids, prepare the classes, maybe with a bit of admin.
Support team. If you have what it takes, we’d call you when something exciting comes up that requires more hands – do you have a specialty you want to share? Underwater music, silk-screen printing using recycled material, styrofoam sculpting…?
Resident artists – invited on a monthly basis, you will be given a studio space, and access to tools, equipment, support to develop your idea. In return, we’ll work with you to develop a Tinkering Sunday workshop.

Interested? Fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you.

Finally! The camps you have been eyeing for weeks are finally open for registration! We can only take up to 8 student each week, so make sure you sign up fast!

This summer, you have a choice between Pin hole cameras (new this year) and printmaking (a staple workshop at l’Observatoire). Go take a look and choose. And if you decide to take the pinhole camera workshop again, no worries, we have ideas to keep you shooting during the camp.

cropped-paper-colour-bannerThis Chirstmas season, MAKE your Christmas present!

Drop in on Sundays (Starting this Sunday 24th of Nov) between 10am and 4pm at l’Observatoire, craft something nice, have a cup of tea, chat with other crafters, and go home with one more present to put under the tree.

Come with your own design and/or idea and/or material, or dig into out stock of plywood, cardboard, bottlecaps and wool!


Come and follow one of our artists as they show you how to make something special

Suggested minimum donation: $10 (for a simple Christmas card) to $30 depending on the activity.

Sunday 24th Nov. 2013

  • 10am – 12pm: fabulous knitted jewllery with Kiruthika Curic
  • 12pm – 2pm: Beads! Make necklaces and bracelets with Sandra Sanoner.
  • 2pm – 4pm:  gorgeous, one-of a kind Christmas cards with Alpana Vij or Christmas Centre piece with Susanne Paulli

Sunday 1st Dec. 2013

  • 10am – 12pm: Recycled Paper Jewelery and Tree Decorations
  • 12pm –  2pm: to be announced
  • 2pm – 4pmChristmas Centre piece with Susanne Paulli (please reserve that one so we get the material) and Christmas Cupcake decoration with Madhu.

Sunday 8th Nov. 2013

  • 10am – 12pm: Doll House
  • 12pm –  2pm: Rubber band-powered car
  • 2pm – 4pm: Musical Instrument from Rubber seed shells.

And all along, make paper beads, jewellery and recycled cardboard tree decorations.

Either way, let our volunteer guide you!

Suggested donation: $30 / hour (includes $10 for basic material). More material will be available for sale at cost, or you can bring your own. Bring recycled material to share too! And if you’d like to volunteer in the following weeks, leave a message in the comments below or contact us.

Spread the word, spread the joy.

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