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Classes have started again this week! We never have more than 7 student per class, so at the start of a new term, when some students move on, there are often a small number of spaces available. Look below and see if there is something for you. If you have a group of 3 or more students, however, we’d have to start a new class for you.

Painting Our Book Covers...

Painting Our Book Covers…

On Monday (3:30-4:30 class), in Drawing Class, the 5 year olds took inspiration from simple bottles and learned to see the details that makes one different from the other, and started drawing their own.

Teacher: Richard. Number of places available for new students: 2

Still-Life by a 5-year old

Still-Life by  5-year old student

On Monday (4:45-6:15 class), in the ArtScience Class the 7-10 year olds discovered the wonders of magnifying glasses, fresnel lenses, magnifying with water, and projection on frosted sheet. The went home with their own home-made Camera Obscura!

Teacher: Isabelle. Number of places available for new students: 0

Shoe-box camera obscura

Shoe-box camera obscura

On Tuesday (3:00-4:00), in Drawing Class it was the first class for a group of enthusiastic 6 and 7-year olds. They tried mark-making with a variety of media, and drew the first element of the large drawing project that will continue over the weeks.

Teacher: Richard Kearns. Number of places available for new students: 0

On Tuesday (4:00-5:00), the more advanced 6 and 7-year olds tackled the same project: Looking and Drawing a coffee cup from different angles.

Teacher: Richard. Number of places available for new students: 1

Looking at and drawing a coffee cup, with Richard.

Looking at and drawing a coffee cup, with Richard.

On Wednesday (4:30-5:30), in Art and Crafts (for ages 6-8 or older), we started looking at how to make books, looking through the studio’s collection of hand-made artist books. The students then painted sheets to be used for the cover of their first book…

Teacher: Isabelle. Number of places available for new students: 3

Some acrylic-decorated papers to inspire the budding artists

Some acrylic-decorated papers from the studio, to inspire the budding artists

On Thursday (3:30-4:40) in Art and Science for the Little Ones, we also started with some art, and looking at the “technology” required to make a book, the different parts of a book. The students looked at the collection of artist books, taking in how each did not comply with the classic definition of a book, but argued about whether they were still books or not! They each chose their favorite book (based on colour, story, format…), and set out to also paint a cover to start their book.

Teacher: Isabelle. Number of places available for new student: 0

Showing off their favorite books from the collection. Some made by students, some by artists.

Showing off their favorite books from the collection. Some made by students, some by artists.

on Saturday (9:30-11:30), at the Open Studio for teenagers (from age 12), we welcomed 2 new students and the first class was aimed at getting to know each other, exploring styles and finding out what everyone’s favorite medium was. Easels will come up next week! Upon my remark that the class was so quiet, Emma (16) remarked:

“It’s like when you give a small kid an ice cream. They go quiet as they enjoy their treat. It’s the same for us when you give us something to draw”

Teacher: WeiXin. Number of places for new student: 2

Drawing still life with WeiXin

Drawing still life with WeiXin

On Saturday (12:00 -1:30), Drawing Class for advanced 8-11 year olds, children decided to fold origami cranes. The first decorated a variety of papers with a chosen patten and learned to fold their animal step-by-step. Those will be used as drawing props for next week before going home as mobiles.

Teacher: WeiXin. Number of places for new student: 0

If you are interested to enrol in either of these classes, you may go and check the Classes page for details, and drop us a line with the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

L'Obs portraits small

From left to right: Richard Kearns, Weixin Chong and Isabelle Desjeux



Introducing: Richard Kearns and Weixin Chong!

Well, Richard doesn’t need an introduction, as he was already artist in residence early last year. But let us remind you that he is a printmaker (MA Printmaking (Distinction), Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 2013), a photographer, involved in a variety of projects. He will be back in the studio for more creative printmaking, more participatory artwork, among others. And Richard will be in charge of the Drawing Classes for the younger ones (currently Mondays and Tuesdays). Do check his website here.

Weixin is also a printmaker, of another kind! Having recently completed her MA in Printmaking (Royal Academy of Arts, London , 2014), Weixin in back in her native Singapore, and already involved in a number of projects using a variety of media. Weixin will be in charge of the older students, drawing (and more!) on Saturday morning. Do check her website here.

As for myself, I will continue to splash on Mondays and Thursdays for the ArtScience classes, as well as on Wednesdays for the Art and Craft Class.

We will be introducing a number of other artists who will be in the studio for shorter times – in time, we are looking forward to reviving the Tinkering Sundays, on the first Sundays of the Month. As usual, make sure you get the information first by liking our page on Facebook.

And do drop by to say hello!

Charcoal drawing (7-9 year olds)

Charcoal drawing (7-9 year olds)

Observational Drawing classes ; Art and Science ; Art and Craft ; Open Studio – Take your pick! Classes are starting again from Monday 15th of September with a new team of facilitators, mostly artists but all with an experimental edge, ready for exploration of the world around us. So go look at the schedule and sign up now. Or call 9273 4991 to arrange a trail class.

L’Observatoire is seeking collaborators! Do you enjoy drawing and teaching the basics of drawing? Do you enjoy experimenting? Are you a scientist? An artist? a bit of both? Are you looking for a place to experiment, a platform to test your ideas, and a studio with like-minded people?

Located in lush Turf Club Road, collaborating with pre-schools, schools, museums, l’Observatoire is a community space where art&science gets made every day.

We are now looking for:
Partners. Those will have full use of the studio, equipment and support, and can teach either drawing, art and science, or art and craft for a few hours a week, to children mainly (Limited to 2)
 Interns. You will be witnessing new ways of teaching in art and science. You’ll be tasked with helping document the process, interact with the kids, prepare the classes, maybe with a bit of admin.
Support team. If you have what it takes, we’d call you when something exciting comes up that requires more hands – do you have a specialty you want to share? Underwater music, silk-screen printing using recycled material, styrofoam sculpting…?
Resident artists – invited on a monthly basis, you will be given a studio space, and access to tools, equipment, support to develop your idea. In return, we’ll work with you to develop a Tinkering Sunday workshop.

Interested? Fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you.

We are delighted to announce that the students of l’Observatoire have been invited to exhibit their works at the French Bookshop in Tiong Bahru this June.

Join us for our vernissage on Sunday 8th of June, 12noon – 2pm, meet some of the young artists, and sign our book!OBSERVATIONS - a student exhibition happening at the French Bookshop in June

  • Ongoing classes: The schedule is up on the Drawing Page. If you are looking for a drawing class for your child 5-17 year old, this is where to look. Check the schedule and call to check availability.
Arthur (9 years old) drawing a still life

Arthur (9 years old) drawing a still life

  • Beginner Adult Drawing Class – Designer Hélène Le Chatelier will show you different techniques to become confident in drawing realistically from life. Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 am.
Drawing in Black and White (Charcoal, Negative Shape)

Drawing in Black and White (Charcoal, Negative Shape)

  • Drawing Classes for 5 Year olds. Specifically for students of Blue House International School (JK and SK) and of La Petite Ecole (MS and GS). Learn to Draw!  Mondays 3:30 – 4:30. TRIAL CLASS on the 21st of April. Classes will start on the 12th of May.


Fish by 5-year old

Fish by 5-year old

  • Camps May-July 2014. You’ve waited for them, and here they are, from PinHole photography to Experimental Printmaking, there is no reason why 6-15 year olds can’t be artists too. These week-long camps are designed to let students explore on their own, experiment, and learn some techniques from each others’ experiments. All camps are run by Isabelle Desjeux, sharing her latest inventions and experimentations.
Milk Cartons into prints

How to turn milk cartons into fine art prints

Equatorial Polar Bear, by 16-year old Julien

Equatorial Polar Bear, by 16-year old Julien

  • One-Day Workshop. Celebrating World PinHole Camera Day, l’Observatoire is happy to provide a special day-long workshop where you can drop-in to make a camera, take a picture and upload it directly to the World PinHole Website. Suitable for adults alone, with a group of friends or with families.
The Studio, favourite subject for pin hole experimentation

The Studio, favourite subject for pin hole experimentation

Contact: Isabelle Desjeux 

Carrying the water for the next project...

Carrying the water for the next project…

Creepy Crawlies camp is over but there’s more insects coming with a large project involving 8 classes of Grade 1 at the Lycée Français de Singapour – Look out for the pictures at the end of June. In the meantime:

  • Don’t miss next month’s Tinkering Sunday (First Sunday of the month, 2nd of June). We’ll be exploring Water Sculptures with artist Ila. Go the the Tink Page.
  • Summer Camps unveiled – still some places left. It will be Creepy Crawlies the first week of July and Stop-Motion animation the second week.

Drawing classes are starting again this week, and it will be the 3rd term for most students – expect an exhibition by June!

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the last Tinkering Sunday, here’s your chance to make your microscope: we are running the microscope workshop again on Sunday 5th of May. Make sure you register early!

From the 6th to 10th of May, we’ll be chasing bugs and making art from them – or rather from their images. So, if your children are off school that week, and they speak French (or want to be “immersed” in French), send them over. We’ll figure out the different classes of insects, go look for the special ones that are abundant in our semi-wild environment, discuss facts, look at them under magnifying glasses or microscope, set up bug hotels… and thus re-sourced, back at the studio, we will take out the paint, the clay, the paper and MAKE books, sculptures, drawings inspired by our walks. Checkout the Creepy Crawlies Camp. But if your kids are not on holiday then, fret not! We will go insect hunting again in July (Camp dates to be updated soon).

Dragonfly on a leaf

Dragonfly on a leaf

Seeds under cover and DM500 microscope.

Seeds under cover and DM500 microscope.

We are excited to announce that Leica is sponsoring the microscopes for the weed project. First, there was the “Weed Walk” at the Singapore Art Museum (happening this week), and then, Leica agreed to to lend us the 5 microscopes – DM500 for the whole duration of the weed camp next week!

There are still a few places left, so if your child enjoys spending time outside, asking lots of questions about what they see and finding out answers by themselves, loves using the microscope, and  feels like drawing weeds on the wallsign them up!

Leica Logo_300dpi

Eleanore Drawing

Eleanore Painting

Things are happening! The Observation Drawing classes are wrapping up for this term, and before a new term starts, the Observatoire will be busy with the first and highly anticipated Tinkering Sunday on the 7th of April and a Weed Camp from 8th to 12th of April. Another camp will happen on the week of 6th to 10th of May, do check back the “participate” tab soon.

New classes will resume on the week starting on the 15th of April.

To keep abreast of the latest news and see pictures of children at work, and latest projects, do connect via Facebook!