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It’s a blessing to be hosted by a pre-school! So for a few weeks, l’Observatoire has been collaborating with children to figure out what might be the interesting and exciting questions to ask about rubber trees and rubber seeds.

Artist Isabelle Desjeux has been sharing some of the pods collected around Singapore, and the students are sharing their thoughts… the result is a classroom environment called “HEVEALOGY”. Step right in!

Poster Observatoire.jpg


If you passed the studio over the passed few days, chances are you would have seen Agy at work on the large table in front of the window!


Pots and pans, chopsticks dipping coiled cloth and stretching them on frames – the experiments seems to be going on well. In fact if you want to understand Agy, what she is doing and why she is doing it, I highly recommend heading over to her blog where she talks about her first week at the Observatoire.


As I walked in on Wednesday, bringing in a sewing machine, I was greeted by lovely scents and colours in the studio, brimming with activity!

And for the last picture, here is one of the flowers that Agy uses for her blue dye, Clitoria ternatea – traditionally used in Malay cooking for making Kelantan nasi kerabu and for Peranakan kueh salat. You’ll find these flowers dotted along Turf Club Road as you walk towards the school and studio. Feel free to pick a few for your own dying experiments!



We are happy to welcome Agy for the month of October!

Agatha “Agy” is a textile artist who is passionate about building environmentally aware communities.  Her goal is to get people to reconnect with their clothes through techniques such as repair and transforming them into creative wearables (aka upcycling).  Currently she is exploring embroidery and natural dyeing techniques as a way of reconnecting with not only our clothes but with nature too.  She holds regular talks and Restyle Your Wardrobe is one of her signature workshops where she shares her knowledge of rethinking the way we view our garments.    Agatha can be found at Agy Textile Artist, and is a founding member of Connected Threads Asia and Fashion Revolution Singapore.

Agy is planning an experimentation of colours from nature (including our foodwaste!). The outcome might be something stitched up with all the samples of the experiments. And possibly even  a garment or upcycled garment from the experiments. If you want to learn from her, do sign up for her Dying workshop at the Artground on the 28th of October!

If you want to help her experiment, drop by the studio and bring her some material. Here is her wish list :

  • Yellow onion skins
  • Red onion skins
  • Avocado seeds and skins (clean of avocado flesh)
  • Red cabbage
  • Pomegranate rind
  • Coffee grounds
  • Pandan leaves

We will update you on her experiments soon!


June 2012 ; June 2013

June 2012 ; June 2013

In June last year, the walls were being painted, some plugs being fitted. Tables made their way in, as well as some high tech and much low tech. One year on, it is time to reflect on the journey so far.

The plants have grown and are now hiding the fish, giving them, hopefully, all the privacy they need to make new babies… something we’ll need to follow up on.

The year has gone by to the rhythm of regular drawing classes (now being documented on the  Isadora’s Workshop’s blog) and crazy week-long workshop for kids of all ages (from book-making to exploring weeds, creepy crawlies and learning to make knots, we’re moving to stop-motion this summer).

Being at the Blue House also means that I had some “scientist-in-residence” calls of duty from the 3 to 5 year-olds in the Blue House International School below (asking questions ranging from tadpoles, to space, water, bending metal and others in between).

Finally, we’ve also started the Tinkering Sundays with the help of the community (Blue House parents and artists).

Let’s hope the year to come brings as much joy to all who step into l’Observatoire as it has this year. And if you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you. Just leave a message below, or better still, come and visit.

Chasing the Weeds around Blue House

Chasing the Weeds around Blue House

Weed camp done! It was a week of walking around, map-making, discovery with the loupe, and microscopes. It was a week of friendships and sharing info. We did drawing, identifying of plants, we improved our camera phones to take macro pictures, we made seed sculptures that will melt in the rain to grow special plants. Best of all, parents got a chance to learn a bit too. Do check out the photo album on Facebook. And if you were one of the happy campers, look out for the info coming your way soon with lots of added info to go and explore more weed-infested areas, whether in Singapore or anywhere else.

Next camp? Let’s make books. in May. Do click the “Participate” button to learn more and check about camps, workshops and drawing classes, and connect on Facebook to make sure you are the first informed of any new events, and for added info about nature, science and art.

Blowing seeds


Checking microscope images on the big screen

Picking a dainty little flower. Would you have noticed it?
Picking a dainty little flower. Would you have noticed it?

Seeds under cover and DM500 microscope.

Seeds under cover and DM500 microscope.

We are excited to announce that Leica is sponsoring the microscopes for the weed project. First, there was the “Weed Walk” at the Singapore Art Museum (happening this week), and then, Leica agreed to to lend us the 5 microscopes – DM500 for the whole duration of the weed camp next week!

There are still a few places left, so if your child enjoys spending time outside, asking lots of questions about what they see and finding out answers by themselves, loves using the microscope, and  feels like drawing weeds on the wallsign them up!

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