We love having fresh partners come and take over the studio with different kinds of workshops. If you are an expert in something you’d like to share, there will be a space to experiment and a time to play together!

Here are some of the artists / engineers / experts contributing to l’ Observatoire so far :

WeiXin Chong. Born in 1988 in Singapore, Weixin’s work is drawn from fascination with the stylisation of natural elements, digital and organic memory systems and the relationship between surface and perceived superficiality. She sees these concerns as material metaphors for human social relationships and the psychology behind the structures and projections of power, value and desire. Interactions of the digital and the organic, and the effect and methods of reproducing and manipulating images a cross material, are core to her practice.

Din Chan. Din is a Singaporean artist with a penchant for science. He graduated form Lasalle in 2014, and has been helping out at the studio since 2013. Din recently ran the Art and Science program for the older kids, introducing them to electricity and electronics.

Nel Lim.Nel Nel is a Singapore-based photographer who is moving into collaborative projects that combine his creative talents, business ambition and desire to move and shake up the local art scene. He is a graduate of LaSalle and had early success in his career with his work being exhibited internationally. Now, he is looking to change the way people engage in learning arts and craft. Nel has run a few craft classes at the studio and will be running the Blue Horse Camp this December.


Nova Ceceliana Nelson.nova3 Nova has spent the majority of her professional life in communications, community engagement and creating content. Today she is a Permaculture Designer helping communities and companies design and create sustainable edible spaces and community projects within the urban context, and is part of  Cultivate Central, a group aiming to inspire people to cultivate their own garden and grow their own feed. She’s worked with children through a community garden project in Penang designing and running hands-on workshops for children. She will be running the Garden Camp this December.

Gabriel Perumal, electronics enthusiast and founder of Electronics Made Easy. Gabriel has designed a small, cheap, and fun kits to get into electronics, starting with LED and a battery, adding a breadboard and a switch and then coding and arduino. Gabriel has run one successful workshop in the studio and will be running a set of workshops in the fall, allowing kids to progress and invent their own design to “solve simple problems”.

Richard Kearns, Artist, Printmaker, Photographer. Richard was the Artist-in-Residence from January till March 2014. He ran his “Colour Me” project from the studio, using the printing press and inviting the public to participate in colouring his prints. He also contributed to the various PinHole projects happening around that time.

– Sean Yap, an insect enthusiast, came to our Creepy Crawlies camp (May 2013) and talked to us about ladybirds. You can find his musings here.

Mohammed Riduan, Singapore – artist. Contributor to Holiday Camps. We now proudly report that one of Riduan’s magic musical instruments is on location in our studio!

Kwan Han, Singapore – a plant enthusiast , came to help us identify the weeds we found around the studio (December 2012). He has the most comprehensive website of plants found in Singapore, called the Plant Observatory.

Lifepatch, Indonesia – Citizen Initiative in Art, Science and Technology. An informal sharing session of wine-making and camera hacking in April 2013.

Ila, Singapore – Artist, Water and Light installations. Tinkering Sunday (2 June 2013)

Nose Who Knows – Olfactive training and fragrance strategy (Workshops for kids, ongoing)